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ID Velvet is fragrance-free and latex compatible. This wonderful product also happens to work as a great skin conditioner and moisturizer. Perfect for extended sexual encounters, endless erotic massages and can also be used to make that latex outfit shine. Not for use with silicone based toys. 

Exemplifying the epitome of sophistication is ID Velvet ®. Here is a product that will make your erotic sessions feel beyond blissful. When you’re craving an evening filled with nothing but the best for your sexual experience bring some Velvet ® to the bedroom and discover a new treat in desire. This product was designed with a sensitive skin formula. Feel as this personal lubricant envelops you in soft pleasurable seduction and you melt away in ecstasy. Give new meaning to the word seduction and let yourself be lost in sensual luxury.

Formulated in Germany and manufactured here in America, Velvet ® uses only the highest pure grade silicone available. We ensured that this would be the highest quality lubricant that anyone could ever ask for. This luxurious product allows superior indulgence for those desiring long-lasting and friction-free intimacy. It’s sure to keep going even through the most robust of intimate encounters. These properties are key for making sensual encounters as pleasurable as possible for all of those involved. Furthermore, this lubricant is safe to use with latex products like some of your favorite toys. Enjoy it with your partner or enjoy a blissful moment by yourself. This lubricant can greatly benefit your sexual encounters as the potent formula is of such a high quality it will even maintain its slip in wet environments. Bring luxury to the bedroom with Velvet ® in your collection.

ID Velvet ® is fragrance-free, latex compatible, and a premium formula. This wonderful product also happens to work as a great skin conditioner and moisturizer. Perfect for both extended sensual encounters and endless erotic massages. With so many exceptional qualities available in a small bottle, it’s easy to see why this is one of the absolute best lubricants for your enjoyment.

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