Payment Methods

We accept several forms of payment.

Credit Cards by (Master, Visa, AmEx, Discover, PayPal) - We ONLY ship to the billing address on file with your credit card bank. If you need to ship to an alternate address, please contact your bank to add the alternate address to the memo field on your bank record. Banks are proactive and will only offer seller protection if the address where the order is shipped to is on file or known to the bank.

If you attempt to process an order and use an alternate address with your name or to any name at all we will first call your credit card bank to confirm that the alternate address is on file. If you do not want the alternate address to be a permanent address just call your bank and ask them to note your account because the online store you are dealing with is going to call and confirm that the alternate address is on file and that you the cardholder are aware of the purchase and you are specifically requesting to ship to an alternate address.

Failure to confirm your alternate address with your bank leaves us 2 options; Cancel your order or ship to your billing address as it appears on your credit card statement.

Money Order / Cashier's Check - We accept Money Orders and Cashier's Check issued in US Dollars. If you choose this payment option we will be unable to begin processing your order until we receive your check. Any order placed with this payment option will be cancelled if the Money Order or Cashier's check is not received within 14 days of placing your order. This is one of the preferred ways to pay when ordering items from the WishList Program.

PayPal We ONLY accept PayPal from PayPal customer's who have VERIFIED status. If you are planning to pay with PayPal be sure you have been verified by PayPal. If your status is not Verified we will ask you to change your payment option to an alternate method of payment ie credit card or money order.

Please be advised we also will ONLY ship to the verified address when accepting PayPal. You can NOT ship to an alternate address... NO EXCEPTIONS

Wire Transfer - When you order and choose wire transfer as your payment option we will send you our bank details to take with you to your bank to process the wire. There will be a $10 wire transfer fee added to your order. Please be advised that many banks will also charge you a fee to process a wire and the cost varies from bank to bank. Instructions for the Wire Transfer process is offered to you with your order confirmation.

Bill Pay Online - Bill Pay Online is only available to individuals with US Banks and is unavailable to orders placed by International customers. If you bank outside the USA this option is not available. If you are currently taking advantage of Bill Pay Online through your bank or from a third party company like CheckFree you are eligible to pay our invoice in the same manner you pay your other bills with Bill Pay Online. If on the other hand you are not doing online banking at this time but are interested, we suggest you click on the following link CheckFree to learn more about this new exciting way to pay your bills online. CheckFree offers this service for a fee but if you contact your bank directly you can learn the terms of your own bank. We use Bank of America which offers this service for FREE.

* To use Bill Pay Online you will need to know our billing information:

Company: Fetish Factory
Address:   855 E. Oakland Park Blvd 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334
Invoice Number:  We will issue an Order ID when you checkout