Play Etiquette

Play Etiquette

Fetish Factory institution has built throughout the 26 years of experience, a very healthy etiquette that we share with all of our party attendees and BEING MINDFUL OF OTHERS SCENES is one of them.

I can’t explain enough how important it is to NOT interrupt a scene even if it is in a party setting or private. This interruption can create a DROP and can affect one like a heartbreak.. And we all have been in the devastating situation of a heart break. (I will explain what a drop means shortly.)
Respect others space by respecting yourself and the lifestyle we embrace and love.

An important aspect to being mindful of scenes is also consent. Even if it is your first time attending FF events or you are a veteran, CONSENT is the structure we build this safe zone on, for all of our events and relationships. By interrupting ones scene, you deliberately break a consented dynamic without permission and in this case, you are the abuser.

Consent represents an ongoing interactive and dynamic process that entails several precautionary measures, including negotiations of play, open communication of desires and boundaries, mutually defining terms, the notion of responsibility and transparency, and ensuring protection from harm through competence and skill.

Consent is the framework of all plays present and it is useful in educating new practitioners and more.

Sub space is the place of absolute surrender and a place where the DOMINANT rules supreme.
It is a magical side of ones psyche where you worship with the spirit.
It is so powerful and so beautiful and it is built on an insane platform of TRUST.

It is very important to create a healthy sub space- the mental state that the submissive enters either naturally or during a scene that allows a complete release of submissive energy can affect the psyche if it is not entered and kept correctly the entire length of the scene.

Sometimes a sub drop can happen, it is when the submissive cannot release all the endorphins and that action is interpreted by the body while trying to recalibrate to normal, with feelings of guilt, shame sorrow and depression and the mind creates a further downward spiral while attempting to understand the perceived depression.
This can happen by interrupting a scene or stopping too early without a proper mental after care.

Also a dom drop can take days to recalibrate and it is sad how we mostly discuss sub drop or the subs emotional state after a scene, forgetting that the dom space is just as important, impactful and sensitive as subspace.

Emma Banu