The Wonders of Electro Stimulation in Erotic Play

The Wonders of Electro Stimulation in Erotic Play

**Electro stimulation** or “e-stim” is one of the most diversified types of pleasure play on the planet. “Erotic electrica,” as it’s sometimes called, is a type of foreplay technique that involves playing with electrical pulses to activate muscle groups and/or nerve endings for the purposes of pleasure, allowing participants to quickly and easily experiment with different sensations, stimulating numerous erogenous parts of the body and significantly intensifying orgasms. But there’s so much more to playing with this than simply touching someone’s crotch with a magic wand.

**Erotic electrostimulation power sources** are designed specifically for erotic use on the human body. It is generally safe and painless when used properly and can be used alongside other sex toys, conductive gels, and water-based lubes with various customization options, preset program controls, and adjustments of frequency and power.

Understanding its currents, waves, pulsations, frequency, and power while using toys that are designed to be applied on erogenous parts like butt plugs, prostate probes, cock rings, urethral probes, massage wands, chastity devices, personal vibes, dildos, nipple clamps, finger vibrators, gloves, vibrators and spanking paddles, you can really change the sense of your reality. 

It is important to remember that placing electrodes directly on certain parts of the body is a big no-no. I’m talking about spots that aren’t necessarily erotic or even pleasurable to stimulate: the top of the head, the face, the mouth, directly on the asshole or clit, etc. Okay, that last one seems fun, but it’s still not okay. You are sending the electric currents through the body.  Those areas are far too sensitive to endure electrostimulation at any intensity level, so place electrodes only on areas of the body above the waist and never across the heart. So if you’re fantasizing about hooking your lady friend up by her nipples, think again. There are other ways! It is not about pain, but the goal is to edge our partner to climax. (Water-based lubricants and special conductive gels are highly recommended.)

**Violet wands** are magical!!! This handheld beauty is wonderful for sensation play. Some come with different glass, metal, or silicone attachments, all delivering different tingles of excitement. It applies low current with high voltage, bringing anywhere from tickling sensations to a static discharge and subsequent spark on the skin. The difference here is that these toys don’t send electrical currents through the body. The currents are instead kept at a surface level only.
You can intensify skin sensations with a light blindfold, building intrigue and mystery to where your partner will be touched next. 

The hands-free sensuality of a violet wand also comes with connecting a body adapter from the wand to the body, and starting directly creating fizzy sparks with your fingertips. Kissing creates a pleasurable spark, and all sensations skyrocket while conducting through metal finger cat claws or pinwheels. Slowly trace your partner's skin, nipples, inner thighs, toes, and clitoris. You become an addictive source of sensual sensorial tingles, vibrations, and texture.

The world of possibilities starts here with you.

**- Emma Banu -**