Witches Garden Plant Pot Black Kitty

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Our Witches Garden Plant Pot Black is the quintessential cauldron for those who like to dabble in the herbal arts. Why? Because you don't want mundane terra cotta.

Whether you're a budding alchemist or an established apothecary, this vessel is your ticket to unlocking the ancient secrets of flora. Watch your garden bloom with the fervor of a coven's incantation, and revel in the verdant rewards that await! Opposingly, it makes for a great ceramic bowl to eat your favorite meal from as well.

This pot is practically a must-have for every witch worth her broom, perfect for cultivating your own midnight garden of arcane delights. Made from durable ceramic, it's not only enchanting but also microwave, oven, and dishwasher friendly, because even witches deserve some convenience. Indoor or outdoor, let your horticultural endeavors flourish in style with this 5.00" x 5.20" x 5.00" masterpiece.